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Captain insignia
Mirror capt.png
Starfleet, 22nd century
Mirror capt-vest.png
Starfleet, 2260s
"You remember Captain Bashir."
"Captain Bashir, Captain O'Brien, Captain Sisko. We may not have enough weapons or troops or ships but we have plenty of captains."
- O'Brien and Mirror Sisko

Captain is a military rank, the equivalent of which is used by the service organizations of many civilizations. The title of captain is often used by vessel commanders and, as a naval rank, in many earth navies and Starfleet, is above commander. The term was used by the Terran Empire's Starfleet and the Terran Rebellion. (TOS: "Mirror, Mirror"; DS9: "Through the Looking Glass")

Known captainsEdit

Terran EmpireEdit

Terran RebellionEdit

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