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This User has been identified by the Alliance Intelligence Directorate as being a counter-revolutionary terrorist advocating the return of the Terran Empire.
You may be also looking for the mirror universe scum known as Tanky
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ISS Warsprite (foreground) with the 82nd Assault Squadron and ISS Bozeman at the Battle of the Typhon Expanse in 2380
Callsign: "Tanky"
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Commander
Position: Squadron Leader, 82nd Assault Squadron, ISS Warsprite
Decorations: Order of the Sword, Second Class; Grankite Order of Tactics; Star of Bravery (2x)

Long live the Empire!

431 edits and counting...


If you are new to MA:ID, please visit the About page and the Project page.

I found out about MA:ID in May 2008, and have been since attempting to complete and revitalize it, which as you can imagine, is no easy task. Before I arrived, very little had been done for around a year to further the project, obviously having lost the enthusiasm of its makers. This I thought was a real tragedy, as I think this has a real chance of being a great wiki for the much maligned mirror universe. Everyone knows that great men are not explorers; Great men are conquers!

Current MA:ID FocusEdit

Apart from general clean-ups, additions and creations, I occasionally work on a pet project. Below is a list of these projects and their current status

Timeline Merge the year pages into a single timeline of all the mirror universe events for a high level view of the flow of history Underway
Imperiosus Terra Invicta My personal "true history of the Empire" Underway

Imperiosus Terra InvictaEdit

Below you find links to my "true" history of the Terran Empire and the mirror universe. It is called "Imperiosus Terra Invicta", which (I hope) means "Imperial Earth Undefeated" in Latin (the most imperial of the languages :D ). My basic premise is that the Empire was not wiped out as Kira claimed in "Crossover", but is in now a government-in-exile in the furthest reaches of known space slowly regrowing their strength after the loss of Earth. The Alliance I would argue are very good at propaganda, to the point where not even the highest officials in some sectors (like Bajor) know of the continuing war. They keep the truth compartmentalized to hold to power, as they know news of a rebellion or continuing fight will lift the spirits of their Terran slaves, possibly leading to a general insurrection. In an interesting twist to this, this mean that very few people outside of the Bajoran sector know about the Terran Rebellion either.


Terran Empire moon landing.jpg

Long live the Empire!

For over 50 years, the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance has been spinning its web of lies about its great victory over the Terran Empire. This act of monumental propaganda, of which the Memory Alpha Information Directorate is but one part, was set in place to crush the spirits of those noble Terrans captured by the Alliance. It is designed to convince them that any hope of escape from their cruel slavemasters would be futile, as there is no place where a Terran is free to control his own destiny. On the following pages you find information to the contrary, information that the Alliance does not want you to know. Information such as the true history of the Empire and some our greatest heros and villians. It is hoped that this will inspire those still enslaved to throw off their chains of oppression and resist the Alliance.

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