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TerranEmpire.pngSpace: The final campaign;
These are the voyages of the Imperial Starship Enterprise
Its 5 year mission
To triumph over strange new worlds
To subjugate new life and new civilizations
To boldly go where no conquerer has gone before!

Long live the Empire!

For over 50 years, the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance has been spinning its web of lies about its great victory over the Terran Empire. This act of monumental propaganda, of which the Memory Alpha Information Directorate is but one part, was set in place to crush the spirits of those noble Terrans captured by the Alliance. It is designed to convince them that any hope of escape from their cruel slavemasters would be futile, as there is no place where a Terran is free to control his own destiny. Well, dear reader, you are about to learn the truth to on going struggle of the Empire against the Alliance in the fight for the freedom of Terrans everywhere!

Conquering the Stars (2067-2154)Edit


Zefram Cochrane (mirror).jpg

Zefram Cochrane

On April 5th 2067, in the aftermath of the devastating Third World War, the Vulcan invasion of Earth was thwarted by one of the Empire's best known heros, Zefram Cochrane.

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Pax Terra (2155-2267)Edit

Rise of the Jade EmpressEdit

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Aftermath of the Halkan IncidentEdit

In 2267, in orbit of the Halkan homeworld, perhaps the most infamous incident in all of history occurred. Captain James T. Kirk and members of his senior staff were replaced by their mirror universe counterparts. Whilst about the ISS Enterprise, they preached their treacherous lies of non-Terran equality with Terrans, and promoted the destruction of the Empire in a general insurrection by the non-Terrans.


After their return to where they belonged and the crew from our universe were released from being held hostage, things largely returned to normal on the Enterprise as it completed its mission to the Halkan homeworld, gaining the dilithium crystals through the extermination of the Halkans. It is said that this event, coupled with what he learnt from Kirks evil counterpart, led Spock to one of the most traitorous actions in history. In 2268, Spock with his Vulcan guards assassinated Kirk's bodyguards and attempted to the murder the captain too. Believing that they had, Spock took command of the vessel. Doctor McCoy, who would latter claim he had always hated that smug Vulcan, did not believe that the Captain was dead, and saw to him. With the Doctors and other loyal crew's assistance, Kirk managed to regain command of the Enterprise. Unfortunately, Spock and some of his supporters managed to escape aboard the Shuttlecraft Galileo (named of course for the famous Tuscan general), and proceeded to Ceti Alpha V to join the then-underground Rebellion, but not before Marlena Moreau, Spock's consort. As he left the Enterprise, Spock swore vengeance Kirk, and promised they would meet again...

The Fall of Man (2268-2343)Edit

The Wrath of SpockEdit

File:Enterprise misses out on Reliant.jpg

In the following years, Spock grew in influence in the both the Rebellion and the Empire. By 2275, Spock was second in command of the Rebellion only to the infamous T'Pau. From his position of power, Spock struck out at the Empire in brazen terrorist acts, killing thousands of the innocent Terrans. These actions only served to whet Spocks bloodlust though.

In 2285, the ISS Reliant under command of the Captain Khan Noonien Singh was on a survey mission for the Revelation superweapon project in the Ceti Alpha system, the very system where the Rebellion secret headquarters was located. Upon entering orbit of Ceti Alpha V, the Rebellion quickly took over the vessel, relieving the former warlord of his command. Planning to simply gather intelligence from the Reliant's database and then destroying her, Spock ordered the Reliant to Regula I after discovering it was the location of Revelation. When he arrived at Regula, he found the crew there most uncooperative, and cruelly he put them to a slow death. He was at first angered when it was discovered that a distress call had been made to the nearest Imperial vessel by the station during Reliants assault. But when it was realized it was his old nemesis Fleet Captain Kirk, Spock knew his revenge against the man who had stop his dreams of conquest, and who had murdered his fair Marlena, was at hand.

Knowing that the damage inflicted on Regula I would alert Kirk to the Reliants involvement in causing it, Spock decided to head out and meet him. Kirk was slightly surprised at the Reliants presence in the sector, but in direct violations of his orders, for which he was later disciplined for, he meet the Reliant with his shields down. Spock, recognizing Kirks error, inflicted heavy punishment on the Enterprise. In an act of vanity, Spock on the brink of destroying the Enterprise, contacted his old captain to gloat as to his victory. Kirk, whilst distracting Spock with talk of surrender, managed to lower the Reliant's shield and proceeded to open fire at point blank. Reliant turned and fled to Regula I. Against the direct suggestion of his first officer, Pavel Chekov, Kirk ordered a pursuit. The two titans meet again in orbit of that lifeless world and Enterprise finished off its prey. Satisfied with his victory and that his old enemy was finally dead, Kirk order the Regula I station destroyed (so it would not again fall into rebel hands), and left. Unknown at the time, but Spock was not dead at all. He and his new consort, a Vulcan named Saavik, had escaped to a tunnel under Regula's barren surface. He soon built a communication device and contacted the rebels on Ceti Alpha V, still certain of his destiny to destroy the Empire.

The Khitomer PlotEdit


Stardate 9521.6 (2293) is a date which live on in infamy. For two weeks, a conference had been being held on Khitomer to dicuss the impending invasion of the Klingon Empire. At the final meeting, Emperor Garth of Izar rose to address the assembled personnel, when suddenly an assassin's phaser slew him at the podium. The assassin, Colonel West a senior MACO, was quickly arrested and executed. In the following chaos, a transmission was received from the Imperial palace on Earth. Admiral Cartwright announced that he was installing himself as Emperor and appointing the traitor Spock as commander-in-chief of Starfleet. In his announcement he appealed to fleet to accept the transition, as over two-thirds of their compatriots had already done. The coup d’état was complete. It would later be revealed that this entire scheme had been a plan of T'Pau and Spock to seize power, with Cartwright being nothing more than an idealist puppet.

Despite Cartwright's pleads for acceptance, many in the Empire were outraged, especially at the senior position given to the Vulcan. In the following days and weeks, hundreds of skirmishes broke out between Cartwright's supporters and the Loyalists, as the Empire fractured. Open revolts began on conquered worlds including Andor, Janus VI and Eminiar VII. Radicals and extremists quickly started making demands for more changes to the Empire, like the ridiculus idea of equity between Terrans and aliens. This was but the beginning of the most longest and costly war in the history of the Empire, a war which would threaten it's very existence.

Let Slip the Dogs of WarEdit

Soon after the coup d’état, Loyalist forces assembled at the Omicron Theta colony, in far reaches of the Empire's sphere of the influence. A Council of Leaders, made up of the most senior officers present, was established to govern the new rebellion, with Emperor William IV at its head. It was quickly decided by the that Omicron Theta would suffice as base of operations until control of the Empire could be removed from the hands of Spock and the other non-Terran sympathizers. In the following years, the colony was heavily modernized and expanded to cope with the increased numbers. This expansion included the construction of an orbiting starbase and shipyard.

For the first few years, the Loyalist rebellion remained a fringe concern of Cartwright and Spock, who considered the Empire's social and political system was of greater focus. They believed that eventually the rebels could be convinced to return to the Empire peacefully, so Spock had his Starfleet maintain their distance from the rebels territory and vessels. The Loyalists, knowing themselves to be greatly outgunned, likewise maintained their distance from Spock's forces.

By 2304, the Loyalist rebellion believed it was in a position to make a offensive against the traitors...

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The Second Renaissance (2343-Present Day)Edit

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