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Timeship DeLorean

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Delan/ITS DeLorean/ISS Enterprise-De
Class: Temur Class
Registry: NCC-1701-De
Affiliation: Terran Rebels
Status: Recovered (2373)

The Imperial Timeship DeLorean was an experimental timeship that was stolen by a group of Terran rebels under the command of a Terran named Jean-Luc Picard. It was developed by the Borg, and originally named the Delan. After being stolen, it was renamed to ITS DeLorean and was used in several rebellions. Eventually, it was again renamed to ISS Enterprise-De, in honor of the last great Terran Empire starship, the ISS Enterprise. The crew then took it back in time to 2063, during Earth's third world war. The Borg tried to stop them, but failed. In 2063, they found Zefram Cochrane, who was planning on testing the first warp capable ship in order to give his faction a tactical advantage in the war. They convinced him that Vulcans weren't trustworthy. They were attempting to stop the event that caused the fall of the Empire by making it so that Spock never served on the Enterprise. All they managed to do, though, was create a timeloop. After returning to the present, they were captured by Alliance officials.

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